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Tribute Transportation was established for two reasons, first, to provide much needed transportation for the public, secondly, to serve as a fundraising platform for nonprofit organizations.

Tribute is the parent company of several shuttle and ground transportation services linking the urban and rural communities of Phoenix and Tucson with their respective airports.

Simplify your travel plans by calling one number and letting us handle the rest, we offer all modes of transportation to accommodate any need or event; no matter the time, the distance, or the special request you may have it is covered.


Honoring our troops and those who have served in the military is what drives Tribute Transportation and our mission to reach out to them by donating a percentage of your fare to a selected charity.

By booking a ride with Tribute, you have been given an opportunity to express your gratitude towards our men and women in uniform and to those who have served.

No matter what your needs are, first call us, and we will customize a solution for your travel plans.