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After obtaining a Masters in Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Television Production in 1987 from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I embarked on a career which unknowingly prepared me for many unique opportunities to come.

Each one perfected my production skills depending on the nature of the project, over time, I developed commercial and noncommercial writing skills, EFP (Electronic Field Production) knowledge, including, post production and editing experience.

Having the ability to wear different hats in a very diverse industry, helped me to advance my career in areas I never imagined, particularly, when I began using my production ‘know-how’ as as D.O.D Contractor for the US Army and Navy.  

This was the beginning of a five year relationship with the military that included travel and interaction with high ranking officers who needed my support in developing educational videos for their department or organization.

From Ft. Benning, Georgia to NAS Fallon, Nevada; I produced educational materials for firearms specialists, fighter pilots, rescue operations, and the Army’s Family Services Division.

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of my professional background is my relationship with the Armed Forces and how it continues today.

In 2011, I established Tribute Transportation for the purpose of linking the public’s need for transportation with military families who are grieving  the loss of a loved one or who are caring for loved ones suffering from traumatic injuries or psychological and emotional problems.

As the owner of Tribute Transportation, you’ve been given an  opportunity to participate in caring for these individuals the moment you ride with us; because a percentage of your fare is donated to the welfare of our vets, active military, and  their families.